SUSTainable design

I design with the sustainable design principles at the forefront of my creative decisions.  Conservation of resources, response to local climate, occupant health and detailing for durability are all important factors.

Sustainable Assessment

Prior to starting the design process (to clarify the design brief) or as a service on its own, I offer an assessment of the sustainable issues and opportunities.  The principles of sustainability are inherent in my design, documentation and construction process.

Areas addressed:

  • Spacial – assessment of quality and function of existing spaces
  • Water – collection, conservation and recycling
  • Energy-efficiency – lighting, appliances, alternative power, passive design for natural heating and cooling
  • Waste – minimising waste during construction and reducing waste of resources when using the house
  • Healthy buildings – non-toxic / low toxic materials, finishes and detailing, ventilation, low electromagnetic radiation - the essence of Building Biology

PRIOR PROJECTS with Conrad Gargett riddel

Hill End Ecohouse - a landmark new home in Hill End (inner Brisbane), demonstrating sustainability at every stage of design and construction.  It attracted much interest from local and state government bodies, publishers and the general public and has won several state and national sustainability awards.  Read more here.